Creating Fast Websites with Vue JS And Gridsome

Create fast websites with vue js and Gridsome is easy without all the overhead of other CMS sites. Github Repo Site on Netlify Why Vue JS and Gridsome? I’m a WordPress developer and a pain point I’ve had is optimizing the site’s for speed when they have a lot of plugins and/or the theme loads […]

When Page Transition don’t work on page load in Vuejs .

The transitions from on page to another would not work. Tried different css transitions and from there documentation. Until I realized, you need to add appear in the transition tag and it worked. The transition css code is from Vuejs documentation.

Error: Cannot query field “title” on type “WordPressPostTag”.

You will get this error from the Gridsome CLI. This issue above is because there are no tags created. If you create a tag- you will see this error disappear.